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Many from the diaspora, as well as general investors domestically and internationally, are looking to establish a business in Ghana. Ghana is ripe for investment with many opportunities in various fields. Knowing the “ins and outs” and the “how to” in setting up your business or expanding and improving upon your existing business, is crucial. Souad Business Consult have the experience and the know-how.Souad means “bringing good fortune & success” and that’s what we endeavour to do for our clients. We specialize in the Tourism and Hospitality industries however, our years of personal past experience covers the full business spectrum.



Souad Business Consult is a relatively new company however, the pedigree of the company is of the highest order and with its highly trained specialized staff it has brought together consultants in a wide range of activities to provide support services to the Ghanaian entrepreneur, industrialist and the general investor in various fields... agriculture, health, mining, real estate development, trade, tourism, hospitality.


Russell H. Coombs & Alhaji Hamid Sinare Principles of Souad



  1. To build business linkages
  2. To provide pre-investment information and advice on projects to ensure successful implementation
  3. To provide staffing and increase management capacity in production and marketing
  4. To provide access to improved production technologies
  5. To increase access to market information and marketing capacity both domestically and internationally
  6. To provide complete ‘turn-key’ operations as follows…


  • Business Planning 
    Assist in right project selection, selecting administrative procedures, product and marketing research, product costing, finance analysis, writing of business plans, exit strategy, feasibility studies, operation budgeting & forecasting and strategic planning, project management and facilitation, internet and web site strategy, registering in Ghana
  • Investment Planning 
    To provide complete assistance in structuring projects and joint ventures including due diligence on proposed “partners”, feasibilities and required documents
  • Technology and Production
    To provide on-the-job advice, identifying process technologies to improve production efficiency with an ever open eye on quality and its control, selection of appropriate machinery and equipment

  • Market and Packaging Development

    Buyer identification, International promotion of products via websites, trade shows, coordinating buyer and investor (seller) meetings, use of our vast experience in negotiations of international and local requirements

  • Staff

    We have competent consultant staff for factory design and construction, machine installation, product commissioning, etc.

  • Due Diligence

    We undertake confidential due diligence surveys for clients, finance institutions and undertaking monitoring services on loans provided by 

    finance houses


7. Small Business Consulting Services 
     Acquisitions, business growth & expansion, cash flow management, funding, import & export opportunities, profitability, and sales & marketing.


8. Mentoring Programs
     Executive training & development, management & leadership, productivity & performance, and sales training & development


Current Projects

1.Traveller’s Inn Motel, Rest Stop & Leisure Centre – Private Ghanaian Investor

Project Consultants and Project Contractors for an international style Motel & Rest Stop on the main highway Damongo, Northern Region.

  • Full business plan and all financials
  • Phase 1 – Rest Stop with fast food court, restaurant and bar, public toilets, children’s playground and picnic area
  • Phase 2 – 30 unit motel
  • Phase 3 – Mini golf course and swimming pool with water slides


2. Aquatic Beach Resort – Pub & Grill – Ghanaian Investor

Project Consultants for a 500 person capacity Beach Pub & Seafood / Meat Grill with live fish tanks for tilapia, located on the Sakumono Beach Road (Tema) overlooking the sea and includes:

  • Project design and layout
  • Construction and equipping
  • Menu design and costing for food and beverage
  • Staff training
  • F & B controls
  • Pre and post opening marketing

3. PMMC- Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, Accra

Design of a new website for PMMC to include all information and details re-precious minerals in Ghana plus an on-line jewellery shop showcasing the unique gold jewellery produced by PMMC.

The website was officially launched on September 28, 2012 with a press launch.

We are responsible for the training of staff to use the website and monitor all inquiries.

Visit the website at:


4. Uyare Hotel & Conference Centre, Food Court, Benin City, Nigeria

Development of the full Business Plan and financial projections for a proposed hotel and conference centre in Ekpoma - Benin City, Nigeria. It will also have 18 chalets and recreational facilities.


5. Uyare Shopping Mall

Development of the business plan and design for a proposed shopping mall of 400,000 square feet in Ekpoma, Benin City, Nigeria to include an international food court, 20 shops, internet cafe and games arcade.


6. Aquarium Marshall Tilapia Fish Farm

Business Plan developed for the installation of cages in the Volta River for Tilapia Fish Farming. Also a partner in this project


7. SADA Forum 2014

Initiating and organizing the first ever conference to bring in all parties, both private and public, to discuss and implement development of the 3 northern regions and to assist investors in creating and co-ordinating projects in the north for the benefit of the people. Project secrors include: On shore oli & gas, mining, tourism, agriculture, energy, water, health, estate developments, IT development, infrastructural developments and more...


Recent Past Projects

  1. Business plan for a proposed commercial ceramics factory in Accra
  2. Business Corporate Profile for Niche King Ventures Ltd.
  3. Business Plan for a proposed Hotel & Shopping Mall in Ho, Volta Region for Executive Pleasure Hotel Limited
  4. Corporate Business Profile, design of all business forms and contracts for Cudjon Limited (Electronic& Security Installations)
  5. Business plan for proposed 3 star hotel in Accra for Suparcell Development Ltd., Nigeria
  6. Business plan for a proposed 5 star hotel in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria…Uyara Resort
  7. Due diligence on potential Ghanaian partners and land acquisition for a Canadian investor.
  8. Consulting to the private Teak growers in Ghana and doing teak extraction from private plantations and exporting to clients.

If you are looking for an honest and reliable company to assist in your Ghana Business Venture, look no further than Souad Business Consult… “assisting business growth in Ghana” Contact Us